SassyFlix | Cannibal Rollerbabes

Cannibal Rollerbabes

  • NR
  • 1997-01-01
  • 01:30:00
3/ 10
64 votes

Comedy, Horror



When Scott is fired from Local Diner because he assaulted a patron (Billy Waters, who razzed him about getting on the force first), Scott decides to visit his friend Chuck at the radio station. Scott and Chuck wanted was a quiet weekend of fishing at Chuck's father's remote summer cabin, but when Scott reels in a note bearing the ominous message "People Eating People," their weekend in the sun takes a dark turn. They meet two girls who are on the side of the road, but decide not to give them a ride, believing that they have a whole week ahead of them to find other girls.

Later that evening, while fishing, Scott has visions of a girl named Anna. The next day while Scott and Chuck are fishing, Scott sees an old castle on an island. Chuck explains the castle is an abandoned laboratory. However, the laboratory is not abandoned, but a home to the scientist who goes by the name of Atman. Under Atman's control are a group of women on rollerblades he likes to call "Rollerbabes", led by his main servant, "Spike". Contrary to what the name would suggest, these cannibals do not in fact rollerblade. He sends Spike out using a radio control device to gather men for his "Rollerbabes" to eat to help preserve their beauty. Anna, finds herself drawn towards Scott and tries unsuccessfully to escape the island.

Scott and Chuck go rollerblading however they are not alone. The boys are split up. Chuck is knocked out by two of the Rollerbabes and taken back to the castle. Scott is targeted by Atman himself, who attempts to attack him with a machete but misses him. Scott knows he is being surrounded and flees. When he manages to escape, he discovers the town's sheriff dragging partially devoured human flesh from the river, causing him to realise he must rescue Chuck from the castle. When Scott arrives on the island, he meets an elf named Random, who helps him hide from the Centurions that guard the island. While trying to enter the castle, the Rollerbabes catch him. Once in the castle, Scott finds that he is too late to save Chuck. He then must escape by confronting Atman himself.