SassyFlix | Charlie's Death Wish

Charlie's Death Wish

  • NR
  • 2005-05-10
  • 01:31:00
5/ 10
192 votes

Action, Crime, Drama

What happens when rock stars, scream queens and a porn icon get together? Find out in this explosive actioner following a Dixie chick stripper as she attempts to avenge the murder of her imprisoned sister. With the help of a sympathetic cop, the sexy siren faces off against a dangerous band of assassins in the ultimate fight for revenge. 

When a stripper finds out that her sister has been murdered while in prison, she seeks revenge in this pulse-racing action-thriller. As the stripper attempts to track down the evildoers who made mincemeat of her sister she enlists the help of a friendly cop. But her courage is pushed to the limits as she encounters a dangerous band of assassins in her tireless quest to avenge her sibling.