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Cool It Baby

  • NR
  • 1967-05-04
  • 01:15:00
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The showing of a stag film to Connie and Monica is interrupted by Connie's screams as she watches herself perform in the film under the influence of drugs. Connie has realized that Monica will blackmail her because of this movie, but suddenly she finds herself in a witness chair testifying against Monica. 

She and the other witnesses relate their stories. Connie was tricked into posing for pornographic pictures by Herman, who invited her to a party when they met at the bar. No one else was present, and her drink contained an aphrodisiac. Connie becomes hysterical, and her husband, Jack, a vice squad detective, must continue the story. He was watching Monica's house and then raided it, finding an orgy taking place. Everyone except Connie was able to escape. Herman takes the stand to reveal that the real head of the operation was the assistant district attorney. 

He and Monica would torture any girl who threatened to expose them, and Monica's tortures had already resulted in one girl's death. Herman wanted to leave after the girl died but was unable to do so because a raid was due that night. Valerie, one of Monica's victims, testifies next. She relates how the assistant district attorney placed her in Monica's house instead of prosecuting her on some charges.

Valerie fought against Monica's lesbianism and her other sexual practices, but under torture had to relent. Connie is called back to be the last witness, and the case seems to be resolved. Jack and Connie are back together, and all seems well except for an evil grin on Monica's face, which seems to say the sordid affair is not really over.