SassyFlix | Cop



Lloyd Hopkins, a hard-boiled American police detective is on the trail of a mass murderer who is victimizing women in Los Angeles. The pursuit leads him through a world that has become his own natural habitat - a nasty world of crime, drugs, prostitution and male hustlers where "innocence kills" and continued exposure corrupts. Paradoxically, it's also a world of love, secret admirers, romantic feminist poets and modern chivalry. And for the viewer, it's the background for an exciting, suspense movie.

Actor James woods (and co-producer) is trying to overcome widespread diagram of a typical police tape on the disclosure of crimes on sexual soil, and still provide his hero memorable character, make it a living person, with weaknesses and shortcomings, but, nevertheless, appealing to viewers. And even in the memory, in addition to these noble efforts for the rehabilitation of a tough COP», remains quite a good scene of the clash with a psychopath in the gym of the school itself, where had the misfortune to learn all the victims of his crimes.