Cross of Iron

Cross of Iron

IMDB: 7.4
TMDB: 6.9

German commander Hauptmann Stransky (Maximilian Schell) places a squad in extreme danger after Sergeant Rolf Steiner (James Coburn) refuses to lie for him.

Genre: Drama History War
Keywords: Iron Cross Genital Mutilation German Soldier Military Decoration Retreat War Atrocity Soldier Child Soldier 1940s Dirty Face Man Hits A Woman Wartime Rape Blond Boy Carl Von Clausewitz Quotation Mosel Wine Drunk Soldier Urination Amputated Hand Mortar Reference To Immanuel Kant Father Figure Teenage Boy Shell Shock Kuban Russia Army Nurse Trench Warfare Class Differences Based On Novel Independent Film Female Topless Nudity Killing One's Troops Laughter Polishing A Shoe Shot Repeatedly Harmonica Motorcycle With A Sidecar Train Track Woman Wears A Man's Shirt War Crime Medal Of Honor Family Honor War Criminal War Hero Nazi Officer Nazi Colonel Nazi Symbol 20th Century World War Two Soldier Enemy Weapon Behind Enemy Lines Soldier Killed Shot To Death Rear Nudity Taking A Bath Reference To Bertolt Brecht Female Rear Nudity Death Of A Child Unwashed Person Nco Non Commissioned Officer Pow Prisoner Of War Coburn And Mason Mason And Schell Birthday Cake Sexual Extortion Anti War Sentiment Action Hero Aristocratic Officer German Army Arrogant Officer War Drama Satire Comedy Pet Rat Platoon Leader Russian Tank Crossing A Bridge Russian Army Derelict Building Transfer Order Army Captain Revenge Murder Military Checkpoint Futility Of War Army Colonel Army Corporal Forced Fellatio Attempted Rape Brave Soldier Epic War Class Conflict Russian Front Epilogue Closeted Gay Man Army General Homosexual Blackmail Army Infantry Division Male Male Kiss Army Lieutenant Blood Lust Sex With A Nurse Stolen Valor Army Private Prussian Soldier Army Sergeant Reference To Siberia Reference To Syphilis Army Volunteer Betrayal Trial Party Execution Ritual Fight Punishment Disguise Gay Male Character Bare Chested Male Contraband Abuse Commander Eastern Front Lie Coward Ambition Reconnaissance Platoon Honor Battle Combat Artillery Fire Filth Strafing Nazi Flag Facial Wound Close Up Of Eye Straight Razor Homosexual Kiss T 34 Tank Luger Garrote Aerial Bombardment Archive Footage Child Shot In The Chest Child With A Gun Gun Battle Gunfight War Violence Blood Splatter Slow Motion Scene Cannon Fodder Forest Vodka Group Murder Crimea Gore Chaos Hand Crank Telephone Automatic Weapon Brutality Knife Foxhole First Lieutenant Rabbit Dying Telephone Call Gun Intimidation Barbed Wire Mustard Gas Lilli Marlene Sexual Sadism Letter Mass Destruction Castration Sense Of Smell Capture Flashback Cattle Car Bitterness Cynicism Horse Bayonet Arm Injury Nurse Beating Corpse Stronghold Tunnel Demarcation Undressing Train Blood Gunfire Barricade Mirror Concussion Evacuation Mercilessness Drunkenness Corruption Bullet Hospital Cruelty Commandant Hatred Shell Splinter Song Mass Murder Bunk Bed Unconsciousness Sadism Bunker Singing Ruling Class Mascot Hiding Assault Party Loneliness Investigation Strangulation Falling Into A River Hand To Hand Combat Hallucination Despair Pistol Sadist Gestapo Bathtub Dancing Survivor Radio Slapped In The Face Irony Mud Freeze Frame Nightmare Disciplinary Hearing Fire Shelling Fellatio Year 1943 Orders To Kill Wound Wehrmacht Swastika Stuck In Mud Salute Rocket Launcher Rifle No Man's Land Murder Military Uniform Military Promotion Military Headquarters Massacre Friendly Fire France Female Soldier Crawling Bazooka Battlefield Battle Fatigue Battalion Army Outpost Ammunition Air Raid Shelter Reference To Adolf Hitler Dead Soldier Cult Film Bombardment Nazi Soldier Gunshot Wound Combat Casualty Injury Fatal Injury Tank Fighter Bomber Anti Tank Mine Violence Military Military Officer Explosion Destruction Submachine Gun Steel Helmet Counter Attack Hand Grenade Killed In Action Military Hospital Exploding Tank Female Nudity Death Machine Gun Bloody Body Of A Child World War Two Nazi Russia American Military As Enemy Lgbt Plus American Actor Plays A Foreigner American Actor Plays A German Character British Actor Plays A Foreigner British Actor Plays A German Character Foreigner Plays A German Character Yugoslav Actor Plays A German Character Female Prisoner Mutilated Child

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