SassyFlix | Cyborg Cop III

Cyborg Cop III

  • R
  • 1995-05-17
  • 01:34:00
3/ 10
9 votes

Ace TV news reporter Evelyn Reed gets a tip that a company by the name of Delta Tech is conducting some experiments on physical education students from one of the colleges in the area. Sheen, the evil CEO of the company, decides to get in front of the situation and invites Reed to Delta Tech for a tour of their facilities and an overview of what exactly they are trying to accomplish (it involves insect blood and making people immune to radiation, but what they are really doing is turning students into cyborg mercenaries). At one point she is left alone with the computers that control the entire operation. This is like locking a fat kid in a candy store over night, you’re just asking for trouble.