SassyFlix | Dahmer


  • R
  • 2002-06-21
  • 01:41:00
5/ 10
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Biography, Drama, Horror



Jeffrey Dahmer is a shy and socially awkward man in metropolitan Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Troubled by a turbulent childhood and his religious father's denial of his homosexuality, Dahmer lures attractive young men at home, where he conducts experiments and kills them, trying to create a living zombie who will never leave or judge him.

Flashback to Dahmer's past revealed that he killed his first victim, a hitchhiker he picked up in his hometown of Bath, Ohio, when he was a teenager. The flashbacks also reveal his troubled relationship with his father and Jeffrey's alcoholism. In the present, he rationalizes his crimes in Milwaukee over the divorce of his parents and his emotionally isolated childhood. Dahmer keeps inviting men home from bars and clubs, then he rapes and kills them.

Jeffrey invites home a young man named Rodney, intending to murder him, but as the night goes on and the conversations get more personal, Jeffrey is faced with an emotional crisis. Rodney confesses his romantic feelings for Jeffrey, but finds him evasive. During the course of their evening together, Jeffrey nearly strangles Rodney with a belt, but Rodney escapes from the apartment. The film ends with a flashback to Jeffrey as a teenager, going to a therapy session at his father's behest; when he arrives at the therapist's office, however, he turns away from the door and walks off into the woods. A title card then explains that Dahmer was found guilty of murdering 17 men, and killed in prison by a cellmate in 1994 after serving two years of his life sentence.