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Divine Emanuelle

  • NR
  • 1981-04-10
  • 01:28:00
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In Cyprus, a beautiful sect leader called “the Divine” runs a “love camp” in which a religion that is anti-church and anti-capitalism and focused on sex is practiced. The followers are not allowed to refuse to any of the other members, citing Gandhi (who only loves one person, cannot love humanity), as this would be selfish. Violations are punished with lashes, attempts to escape with execution.

In addition, the female cult members are being forced into prostitution in order to be able to finance the camp, which is likely to prompt the local government to look for ways to close the camp. The karate-savvy sect preacher Dorian gets the assignment to win Patricia, the daughter of a wealthy US senator, for the sect in order to extort money from her father. He succeeds, but falls in love with Patricia.

Meanwhile, the police agent Gabriel, who was smuggled into the sect, is caught by the muscular thong, the “first man” of the “divine” ones, while making contact with his employer and succumbs to a broken neck. Fearing the threat of police retaliation, the "Divine" decides to gather her disciples to blow them up with a huge bomb built into her throne during a mass orgy. Dorian and Patricia can escape the clutches of the sect in time and also assert themselves against the sect members who are persecuting them.