SassyFlix | Double Trouble

Double Trouble

  • R
  • 1992-02-14
  • 01:26:00
5/ 10
25 votes

Action, Comedy, Romance

Peter Jade earns his living as a crook. During one of his thieving tours, a puzzling circuit board falls into his hands. He soon realizes that there is a counterpart to this plate, with both plates you are able to open a safe on the international diamond exchange. The leader of a criminal organization, Chamberlain, has taken possession of the other circuit board, also recognizes the connection and goes in search of its counterpart.

This forces Peter to team up with his twin brother David, a police officer, to stop the criminal organization. Since the twin brothers can hardly be more unequal, there are always differences of opinion between the Jade brothers. They quickly become the target of Chamberlain's global syndicate. Since the two twin brothers are quick-witted, they manage one time at a time to get their pursuers out of the way.