SassyFlix | Endless Night

Endless Night

  • NR
  • 1972-10-05
  • 01:39:00
6/ 10
24 votes

Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Working class Londoner Michael Rogers (Hywel Bennett) has always enjoyed the aesthetically beautiful things in life, he often going to high end antique auctions, and bidding on items he likes, knowing fully well he cannot really afford them if he was indeed the highest bidder. He also moves from job to job in his restlessness, more often than not being fired rather than moving on on his own volition. Despite his lot in life, he dreams of building and living in a grand house on a rural piece of private property in an area called Gypsy's Acre. It is on one of his trip to Gypsy's Acre that he spots *her* for the first time, she being Ellie Thomsen (Hayley Mills), the two who are immediately attracted to each other. It would be providence as the two get married, he finds out she is the sixth wealthiest heiress in the world, and she purchases the property at Gypsy's Acre to fulfill his fantasy of the house there, the technologically modern building, maximizing the views amongst other things, designed by his new friend, architect Santonix (Per Oscarsson). But it is not a bump-free road to a happily ever after for Mr. and Mrs. Rogers: as her family does not approve of the marriage, her family who includes the family's longtime lawyer, "Uncle" Andrew Lippincott (George Sanders); as Ellie's best friend, a strong-minded young woman named Greta (Britt Ekland), infiltrates their life; and as an elderly neighbor at Gypsy's Acre, Miss Townsend (Patience Collier), warns Michael that building a house and living on that property will lead to nothing but a cursed life.