SassyFlix | Escape from Women's Prison

Escape from Women's Prison

  • NR
  • 1978-08-18
  • 01:35:00
4/ 10
266 votes

Action, Crime, Drama

A group of escapees from a women’s prison are on the loose and these gals have no intention of going straight, so soon after they’re free, the ladies find themselves running an intense hostage situation. The convicts take control of a bus that is transporting a team of young tennis players and since the authorities are hot on their trail, they hope the hostages will give them leverage.

But that’s not the whole plan, as the criminals also break into the home of a prominent judge, the same one who happened to put them behind bars in the first place. This leads to an intense atmosphere of violence, sex, and degradation, as the convicts work to negotiate an escape and get some payback on society at large.