SassyFlix | Frankenstein the Rapist

Frankenstein the Rapist

  • R
  • 2008-01-18
  • 01:25:00
10/ 10
1 votes

Comedy, Horror

Deep in the impenetrable forest, beautiful young women suffer at the hands of an unseen sexual predator. Taking great pleasure in humiliating, molesting, and, finally, killing his unsuspecting prey, the brutish ogre punishes his innocent female captives, cherishing the guilty delight he receives from their immense despair and suffering. For years, so many women and their succulent bodies have been tempting the horrible monster to perform hideous acts of perversion on them. Has anyone ever escaped from the irrepressible lust of Frankenstein, the serial rapist?

Directed by:

Bill Zebub

Writing Credits:


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