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Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

  • R
  • 1985-03-22
  • 01:32:00
5/ 10
35752 votes

Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Several years after the death of Jason Voorhees, a teenage Tommy Jarvis is tormented by nightmares of the mass murderer, resulting in his internment in numerous psychiatric hospitals. He is eventually transferred to the Pinehurst Halfway House, managed by Dr. Matt Letter and his assistant Pam Roberts. There, Tommy meets a circle of other teens, including lovers Eddie Kelso and Tina McCarthy, the stutterer Jake Patterson, the Goth, Violet Moraine, the serious Robin Brown, the compulsive eater Joey Burns, and the young Reggie Winter, whose grandfather George Winter works as the facility's cook. The group is disliked by their neighbor Ethel Hubbard as Eddie and Tina have made a habit of engaging in sexual intercourse on her property. For this reason, Matt forbids the group from venturing outside the facility's premises.

Vic Faden, another patient in the institute, is gripped by a fit of madness caused by Joey's impertinence and brutally kills him with an axe, leading to his arrest. That evening, two greasers Vinnie and Pete are murdered by an unseen assailant after their car breaks down, and a diner waitress and her boyfriend are killed the following night. The sheriff hypothesizes that Jason Voorhees has come back to life and is the perpetrator of these murders, while Tommy himself is rendered a suspicious party.

The next morning, Eddie and Tina disobediently go into the forest and have sex. They are spotted by Ethel's farmhand Raymond Joffroy who is killed soon after. After returning from washing off in the creek, Eddie finds that Tina has been murdered, and he soon meets the same fate. Meanwhile, Reggie begs his grandfather for a visit to his brother Demon, who has just returned to town, and Pam offers to accompany him while bringing Tommy along. As Pam and Reggie enjoy some enchiladas with Demon and his girlfriend, Tommy meets Ethel's son Junior and gets into a fight with him, but then runs away into the forest after realizing his actions. After Pam and Reggie leave to find Tommy, Demon has a severe case of diarrhea from the enchiladas and runs to the outhouse. While using the outhouse, he and his girlfriend are slaughtered. Upon Pam and Reggie's return to the institute, they are warned of the disappearance of Matt and Reggie's grandfather. Pam goes to search for them, entrusting Reggie to Violet, Jake and Robin. At this time, Ethel and Junior are killed, as are Jake, Robin and Violet after Reggie falls asleep. Reggie awakens just as Pam returns, and they discover the trio's corpses in Tommy's room. Moments later, the killer, seemingly a resurrected Jason Voorhees, bursts into the house.

After a long chase in which Pam and Reggie find the corpses of Matt and Reggie's grandfather, "Jason" is lured into a barn where he is struck by a tractor. Tommy returns and is attacked by "Jason", but defends himself, and eventually throws "Jason" from the loft window onto a bed of spikes below, killing him. In the process the killer's hockey mask comes off, revealing that he is in fact Roy Burns, one of the paramedics who arrived at the scene of Joey's murder. The police later identify Roy as Joey's loner father, and determine that he went insane after his son's death and sought revenge, inspired by the stories of Jason's killing sprees. While recovering in the hospital, Tommy has another hallucination of Jason, but he faces his fears and makes him disappear. He then hears Pam approaching and smashes the window to appear as though he has escaped. When Pam rushes in, Tommy appears from behind the door wearing Roy's hockey mask and wielding a kitchen knife.