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Girl with an Itch

  • NR
  • 1958-11-12
  • 01:17:00
6/ 10
24 votes

Action, Crime, Drama

Abandoned on a California desert highway, opportunistic drifter Mari Lou Waverly hitches a ride with itinerant farm hand Jake and asks if she might find a job in the fields. At a small market, Jake picks up Gramps, an aging field laborer who, upon seeing Mari Lou's skin-tight dress and high heels, is skeptical about her ability to work. Jake, Gramps and Mari Lou arrive at widower Ben Cooper's melon farm, and Ben is immediately captivated by Mari Lou and readily offers her a job. 

Ben invites Mari Lou to the main house for lunch, surprising his long-time housekeeper, Cookie, and his son and business partner Orrie. At the dining table, Orrie reminds Ben of his own rule about not causing discord among the workers by showing favoritism. Ben is embarrassed and, angered, Mari Lou departs. Late, Mari Lou follows Orrie into the barn and tries to seduce him, but he rebuffs her. In the afternoon, Mari Lou finds Ben in the fields, and he assures her that she does not have to begin arduous work that day, a statement noted by Jake and his girl friend Emma. That night, Ben checks on Mari Lou in her small cabin, and she apologizes for having only one dress to wear, but Ben ardently vows he will buy her another. 

The next day in the fields, Emma is scornful of Mari Lou's attire and her constant complaining about their labor. In the afternoon, Mari Lou showers in the workers' bathhouse and, hearing Jake in the stall next to her, flirts brazenly. Emma spots Mari Lou leaving the bathhouse and accuses her of going after Jake, prompting a brawl. Late in the afternoon, a mild earthquake rattles the farm, and Ben rescues Mari Lou from being struck by several crates. Mari Lou pretends to faint, prompting Ben to carry her into the main house, despite Orrie's protests. After checking the farm for damage, Orrie returns to the house and is shocked to find Ben and Mari Lou in an embrace. Later, Mari Lou tries without success to discern Ben's financial standing from Cookie. 

Orrie arrives with the news that the earthquake has damaged a main water line to the farm, and is angered that Ben is so enthralled by Mari Lou that he is unable to decide what to do. Orrie reminds Ben that it is payday and insists that he take care of that while he sees to the water problem. Ben goes into town and, bored, Mari Lou finds Jake in the barn and seduces him. That afternoon, Ben comes back to the farm with an expensive new dress and nightgown for Mari Lou. Mari Lou models the new dress as Orrie arrives, demanding to know if the hands have been paid. Ben sheepishly admits that in his zeal to purchase the gifts for Mari Lou, he forgot. Disgusted, Orrie departs to get the payroll and drink. Early the next morning, a drunken Orrie wakes Ben and Mari Lou, accuses his father of behaving foolishly and calls Mari Lou a tramp. When he demands that Ben choose between him and Mari Lou, Ben retires with Mari Lou. 

The next day, Orrie leaves the farm and is picked up by his friend, the local sheriff, who advises him not to abandon Ben to the likes of Mari Lou. Orrie agrees and, returning to the farm, reports to work as usual, which pleases the worried Ben. Mari Lou attempts to win over Orrie, who refuses her apologies. That afternoon, Orrie informs Ben that he is going into town and Mari Lou, telling Ben that she is taking a walk, hides in Orrie's car. When Orrie alights in front of the town saloon, Mari Lou again attempts to ingratiate herself with him, and when he refuses, she grows angry, prompting the sheriff's attention. Mari Lou goes off to the bar with two local men as Orrie reveals to the sheriff that he has decided the time is right to marry his long-time girl friend. The sheriff congratulates him and offers to put him up in town that night after his proposal. 

The next morning, Mari Lou is dropped off at the farm by the two locals and finds a drunk, infuriated Ben, who demands to know where she has been all night. Mari Lou angrily responds she owes him no explanations and reveals she has been with him only because he was an easy mark. Ben demands to know if she was with Orrie and, when she refuses to answer, threatens her. Frightened, Mari Lou strikes him on the head with a porcelain figure just as Orrie and the sheriff arrive. Ben is revived, unhurt, and Mari Lou tells him he should have never doubted Orrie. Mari Lou gets her bag and the sheriff drives her to the county line, where after walking down the road a short way, Mari Lou accepts a ride from a man in an expensive car.