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Gun Girls

  • NR
  • 1957-12-11
  • 01:07:00
6/ 10
76 votes

Crime, Drama


Girl Gang

Teenagers Teddy (Ferguson) and Dora (Park) rob a man of his wallet. Dora's boyfriend Jimmy (Booth) tries to talk her out of associating with Teddy but Dora refuses to listen. Using the money they have saved from previous crimes, they buy two guns from Joe (Farrell) and hold up a gas station. Joe then convinces the girls to steal a $6,000 payroll from a chemical company where his girlfriend Joy (Brent) works. After discovering that they only ended up with $14 the two girls ask Joe for money so they can leave the area and avoid arrest. 

When he refuses, they pull their guns on him and take his money. Joy then comes by Joe's apartment and tells him that she is pregnant resulting in Joe throwing her out of his apartment. Later, when she returns she finds his new girlfriend, Trixie (Cameron), in the apartment. The two girls fight and a beaten Trixie leaves. Joe returns to the apartment and surprises Joy who shoots him. Teddy is killed in a car crash and Dora is mortally injured when they are chased by the police attempting to flee the area. At the hospital, just before she dies, Dora tells Jimmy that she was wrong and should have listened to him.