SassyFlix | Hardcore


  • R
  • 1979-02-09
  • 01:49:00
7/ 10
125 votes

Crime, Drama

After waving goodbye to his only daughter, the quiet teenage Kristen who is going off to California with her Sunday school, the Grand Rapids businessman and strict Calvinist, Jake VanDorn, receives the worst phone-call a father could ever get, only a few days later. Mysteriously, his beloved Kristen has disappeared--and as the police seem unable to help--desperate Jake hires the private detective, Andy Mast, to trace his child. Instead, the investigator returns with an 8mm hardcore porn movie with the missing person performing in it, leaving Jake no choice but to delve deep into South California's obscure underworld of prostitution to bring her back. But who knows where Kristen is?