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Hedonistic Pleasures

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  • 1969-08-12
  • 00:55:00
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This is Hollywood, baby. The world's biggest whore. This town is filled with the depraved and the perverse, constantly seeking more Hedonistic Pleasures to satisfy their jaded appetites! Take a keyhole peek - with "highly sophisticated miniature cameras" - into Hollywood's sexual underground circa 1969!

This journey into the outrageous and bizarre begins with a pretty blonde gal who placed a personal ad in the free press. Apparently, there's a camera in the electric vibrator she's playing with!

A young hippie couple drops some acid and trip out to a kaleidoscope of naked dancing girls, including PAT BARRINGTON (The Agony Of Love, All the Way Down), in a wild psychedelic sequence of op-art lighting superimposed over nude undulating curvaceous young bodies! Paul, a blond surfer dude, goes to the Doll House Studio to "photograph" some nude models. For ten bucks, he gets to ogle a sexy young hippie chick who smokes pot and strips down to her birthday suit.
These hippies aren't political, they only care about sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Watch as a bunch of naked stoners sit around and smoke a waterpipe in the wilderness while Miss Barrington (once again!) performs and "ancient belly dance" in full costume to incite their passions. But instead of having an orgy, the groovesters skinny dip in a nearby pond, free and unfettered as children, then trip their fried brains out!

The whole seedy Hollywood scene is finally wrapped up with grainy black & white "documentary" footage of a hooker and a john at the Jefferson Hotel. Hedonistic Pleasures (aka Naked Psyche) producer ED DE PRIEST was also involved with the making of One Million AC/DC and The Hard Road. Unbelievable anyone survived those days with a single brain cell intact. From a 35mm print.