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Hell of the Living Dead

  • NR
  • 1980-11-17
  • 01:39:00
5/ 10
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At a top secret chemical research facility called Hope Center #1, a rat causes a chemical leak and dies. As two workers investigate, the rat suddenly comes back to life and kills one of the men, who likewise revives and attacks his co-workers. Subsequently, the entire staff of the plant turn into flesh-eating zombies.

A four-man team of commandos, consisting of Lt. Mike London (José Gras), Osborne (Josep Lluís Fonoll), Zantoro (Franco Garafalo), and Vincent (Selan Karay), are deployed to eliminate a group of eco-terrorists who have taken hostages inside a large building at the US Embassy in Barcelona, Spain. The terrorists demand the closing of all the Hope Centers, which both the government and the military deny exist. The press, under orders of the local authorities, do not publicize the terrorists' demands or mention the disaster at Hope Center. After pumping tear gas into the building, Lt. London and his three commandos burst in, killing the terrorists.

Once the mission is completed, the team loses contact with Hope Center #1. Thinking that the complex has been infiltrated by terrorists, the team flies to Papua New Guinea. There they meet journalist Lia Rousseau (Margit Evelyn Newton) and her cameraman Max (Gabriel Renom), who are investigating a series of mysterious, violent attacks on the locals. While stopping at a native village, they encounter several flesh-eating zombies. The commandos and the journalists travel through the New Guinea jungle in the commando's jeep, trying to survive while evading the zombies. The group takes refuge at an abandoned plantation, only to come under attack from the zombie residents. The flesh-eating residents kill and eat Osborne, forcing the survivors to flee.

Rousseau and London's men battle their way to a beach, escape by raft, and finally arrive at Hope Center #1, where they find all of the workers either dead or roaming the facility as zombies. The zombies quickly kill Max and Zantoro, and infect Vincent. Rousseau and London learn about the experimental chemical that was accidentally released, which is causing the zombie infestation. From audiotaped notes and papers left behind in the lab's research offices, Rousseau learns that the chemical, codenamed "Operation Sweet Death", had been intended to curb the Third World population by driving it to prey on each other. Rousseau vows to tell the world, but a horde of zombies - including their now zombified comrades - close in and devour the last survivors of the team.

Some time later, the zombie contagion has spread beyond the borders of the country and throughout the world. While politicians and scientists dispute the matter, a young couple in the developed world are attacked and devoured by a horde of zombies in a city park.