SassyFlix | High Rolling

High Rolling

  • R
  • 1977-08-04
  • 01:29:00
5/ 10
127 votes

Adventure, Comedy, Crime

Tex (Bottoms) is an American working at a carnival in Queensland. At the carnival he befriends a boxer, Alby (Taylor) and they decide to travel together to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. They hitch a ride with Arnold (Clayton) but problems arise when Arnold makes unwanted advances towards Alby. Alby beats up Arnold and he and Tex flee with Arnold's suitcase and car. However, the case is full of cash and the car is stocked with marijuana. So it comes as no surprise that Arnold and his friends want them back.

Tex and Alby later give a lift to a sixteen-year-old hitch-hiker, Lynn and try to pick up two women, Barbie and Susie. Tex gets thrown out of a night club and beaten up by a bouncer so Alby takes both girls to bed.

Arnold sends thugs to get them so they end up hijacking a tourist bus. They escape and go off into the sunset with Lyn.