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Hukum Karma

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  • 1982-01-01
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Bramono had abused the knowledge given by the Black Cloak. Many girls have been trapped and stained by him, including Darti. Darti was wasted, and when this woman gave birth to her baby girl, she died. Bramono moved to the capital and became the leader of a crime syndicate.

Fitri is Darti's daughter who was raised by her grandmother and trained in silat, now an adult. He went to Jakarta and dated Roy, but was rejected by his mother. He also gets acquainted with Tony, a magician who turns out to be a policeman and wants to uncover Bramono's crimes. Bramono himself tried to harm Fitri with his heretical knowledge, but failed.

He returned to the Black Cloak, who upon learning of the matter, declared that Bramono would be subject to the law of karma. He was told that what Bramono wanted to harm was his own daughter. Bramono harms the Black Cloak and steals the amulet. Fitri is injured when storming Bramono's headquarters, while Tony dies. Fitri is then healed by the Black Cloak and given her supernatural powers, although at the cost of the Black Cloak's own soul. So Fitri ransacked Bramono's headquarters again, who later died from his own amulet.