SassyFlix | Inner Sanctum

Inner Sanctum

  • R
  • 1991-09-25
  • 01:30:00
5/ 10
5 votes

Drama, Romance, Thriller

Jennifer Reed, an heiress of a huge fortune, believes that her husband Baxter, an insurance agent from Los Angeles, is unfaithful to her. Unable to reconcile with it, she takes a full pack of sleeping pills and falls down the stairs.

A few weeks later, Jennifer moves in a wheelchair and becomes jealous of her husband even more so because Baxter does not spend a lot of time with her and is involved in helping nurse Lynn Foster. She had previously been responsible for taking care of the patient at home, where a mysterious death occurred. Then Lynn married the widower, but he also died under mysterious circumstances.

Jennifer tries to romance with her colleague Anna Rawlins, who, however, does not reciprocate her feelings. Moreover, Baxter suspects that she wants to get rid of his wife. Jennifer discovers that someone has started following her, and her neighbor suspects Lynn. In addition, Mrs. Reed's death is worth one million dollars in insurance policy; this money will not be paid in the case of suicide, only murder.