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In this made-for-TV drama, Angie Dickinson stars in three separate vignettes as a woman whose life is dramatically affected by the emotion that gives the film its name.


kept me a captive audience

This made-for-TV drama is made up of 3 story lines dealing with the green-eyed monster. Angie Dickinson stars in three separate vignettes as a woman whose life is dramatically affected by this uncomfortable emotion.

'Georgia' has a sinister plot involving paranoia, delusions, and emotional confusion. Daniel, Georgia, and her daughter Heather live together in a what appears to be a happy household. Daniel is so enamoured with Georgia's daughter that he often displays his affection for her in clear view of Georgia , for instance thanking her for having such a beautiful daughter. This only adds to Georgia's jealousy & confusion of the attention Daniel showers on Heather. Georgia is constantly wondering about Daniel and she studies his behaviour around her daughter with growing concern & fear. She is jealous & delusional, resulting in a twist ending that really catches you off guard! This is an interesting vignette, you really aren't sure until the ending exactly what the relationships are between the characters.

As Laura, Angie is married to a wealthy older man, who owns a lavish yacht. But it soon seems as though Laura is part of a love triangle, for her husband is constantly doting on his pet parrot. The parrot and the husband share a bond most pet owners cherish one of easy rapport & unconditional love. But Laura begins to feel shut out, and increasingly antagonized by the bird. She lets her irrational jealousy get the best of her, and hatches a plot to get her revenge, which is really rather nasty!

I cannot speak to the 3rd vignette 'Ginny', as I missed it. Could not find VHS copies on Ebay.

This is Well Worth Watching

I just watched this on Amazon Prime. All three stories kept me well involved. Ms. Dickinson can really act the whole spectrum in this movie. She's a marvel to watch. I don't want to say anything about any of the stories. Just watch, as I did without checking IMDB. It is very rare for me not to stop a movie at least once. I did not stop it at all.

A shout out to the only other reviewer, dgroche, I hope that you come across this review to see that it is currently on Amazon Prime streaming. You can catch the third act.