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Joy House

  • NR
  • 1964-06-12
  • 01:37:00
7/ 10
39 votes

Crime, Drama, Thriller

After seducing the wife of a powerful mobster in New York, the bon-vivant wolf Marc travels to the French Riviera. However the mobster orders his gangsters to travel to France and bring Marc's head to him. They kidnap Marc but he succeeds to flee. Without any money, he hides in a mission for poor people. While donating food and supplies to the mission, the wealthy widow Barbara and her niece and housemaid Melinda meet Marc and she hires him to be her chauffeur. He moves to a castle-like mansion and believes Barbara has hired him to have sex with her while Melinda falls for him. But Marc decides to investigate the death of Barbara's wife and discloses a hidden secret and that his life is in danger. What will Marc do?

French filmmaker Rene Clement presents Alan Delon as a petty criminal on the run from the underground. On the Rivera, he seeks refuge in a flophouse whose soup line is served by Jane Fonda and Lola Albright. The two women move him to a Gothic mansion owned by Albright, a millionaires with a Salvation Army complex. Fonda, her cousin, is hot for him and repeatedly attempts to seduce him while someone is attempting to poison him; and his murderous former associates have got wind of his whereabouts.