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Keep It Up, Jack!

  • R
  • 1974-06-27
  • 01:24:00
4/ 10
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Jack is an unemployed Englishman who gets involved in a crooked business deal which results in him being put in charge of a bordello. Now Jack has to decide whther to be a serious businessman or just enjoy the services of his employees.

Screamingly unfunny farce in which a tenth-rate seaside quick-change artist inherits a brothel, and finds himself for some unfathomable reason acting first the part of the recently expired madam, and then that of her clients. Hence the title gag, such as it is. If you miss it the first time round, there's a chorus of voices off and even a theme song to remind you. What with performers who enunciate like rejects from a RADA elocution course, a script that must have taken all of a weekend to elaborate, a handful of arbitrary flesh shots, and a relentlessly one-note sense of humour (off-key, of course), it is hardly hyperbolic to see Keep It Up, Jack! as defining a whole new low in British comedy.