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Last Cannibal World

  • R
  • 1977-02-08
  • 01:28:00
5/ 10
3448 votes

Adventure, Horror



Oil prospectors Rolf and Robert travel to an outpost in a jungle on the island of Mindanao. A rough landing damages the plane. Robert and Rolf find the abandoned remains of the original prospecting camp. They then find a rotting corpse and determine the prospectors were massacred by natives. Later, a member of the team, Swan, goes missing. The two prospectors and their pilot Charlie go into the jungle, and the pilot is killed by a booby trap resembling a large mace. Robert and Rolf then see Swan's remains being eaten by cannibals. After building a raft in order to float down river to get back to the airfield, the men are separated when the raft is destroyed after traversing rapids. Robert, lost in the jungle, eats poisonous mushrooms, which cause him to vomit and pass out. He awakens to find himself being poked and prodded with large spears wielded by the cannibals.

Robert is then taken to a cave inhabited by the native tribe. He is tied to a rock and stripped down to his underwear by the natives. A native woman, Pulan, walks up to Robert and tears his underwear off. Two native men then walk up to Robert and violently pull on his penis, horrifying him. The natives then attach Robert to a pulley and bungee him from the top of the cave until he passes out.

Robert spends the next several days trapped in a small cave, abused by the natives and fed rotting offal. When asking Pulan for a bowl of water, she instead fondles him. He continues to observe the natives living their daily life, which includes eviscerating, cooking, and eating a large crocodile. Robert manages to escape with Pulan after killing two natives, and keeps her tied to a cord. The two wander through the jungle until Pulan tries escaping, after Robert becomes distracted pulling leeches off of his body while bathing in a lake. When Robert finds Pulan, he violently beats and rapes her.

The two then find Rolf, who has been living in a cave and whose leg is infected with gangrene. The three of them wander through the jungle until they eventually find the landing field. The cannibals then set upon them and kill, cook and consume Pulan. After Rolf is hit in the chest with a spear, Robert fights and kills one of the cannibals with a spear laced with cobra venom. Robert then eats the native's liver to frighten the other cannibals. Robert and Rolf then manage to make it to a plane and fly off, but Rolf dies from his chest injury soon after takeoff.