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Linda and Abilene

  • NR
  • 1969-09-01
  • 01:34:00
4/ 10
254 votes

Drama, Western

Late in the 19th century, Abilene and her brother Tod are suddenly orphaned on their western farm. In sexual frustration, Abilene begins to show her body to Tod, and both turn to autoeroticism as the outlet for their passions. One night, Abilene, frightened by thunder, cries out. Tod rushes to her bedroom to see if anything is wrong and caresses his trembling sister.

The caresses become more passionate and lead to sex. The couple soon neglect their farm to pursue their passions. Tod eventually realizes that what they are doing is wrong, and he rides to town to console himself with liquor. In a saloon he confides his story to Linda, a bar girl. Rawhide, a tough cowboy, overhears, rides out to the farm, and there he ravishes the defenseless Abilene. Meanwhile, Tod and Linda are making love in town.

Tod returns home the next day to find that Abilene has been raped. He rushes back to town to kill Rawhide. Linda goes to the farm that morning to see Tod, but she finds Abilene instead and attempts to comfort her. They find a mutual sex attraction and make love. Tod arrives in town, and in a gunfight with Rawhide, both men are killed. Linda and Abilene are then left in each other's arms.