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Lust for a Vampire

  • R
  • 1971-01-17
  • 01:31:00
  • Horror


In a small village comes a famous writer Richard Lestrenzh, the author of terrible stories about evil spirits. And of course, he is interested in the stories told by local residents about the bizarre family Karnshteyn who lived in a castle on the hill. Rumor understood that they are vampires. And in a recent disappearance of young girls, villagers blame them too. Of course, Richard wants to investigate everything by himself and arrives in abandoned castle. There he encounters with girls from the school, who came to the castle for a tour with the teacher Mr. Giles Barton. In one of them, a beautiful Mirkellu, he felt in love. Who would have thought that she, her aunt Countess and Count Heritsen Karnshteyn are actually vampires?


Love for a Vampire....

'Lust for a vampire' is the second film in the Karnstein Trilogy based on the novels by Sheridan le Fanu. The sequel to 'Vampire lovers' starring Ingrid Pitt, and prequel to 'Twins of Evil' starring playboy playmate twins Mary & Madeline smith, 'Lust for a vampire' was hindered in its production from the off set. Legendary Hammer director Terrence Fisher was forced to pull out and Peter Cushing was replaced by Ralph Bates in the lead role. Yutte Stensgaard plays the truly beautiful Mircalla, a lesbian vampire who is torn between her love for her teacher and her lust for blood. This film has a very cosy atmosphere very traditional of hammers work around the late sixties early seventies. The sets are reasonable and although highly criticised for her performance, Yutte does her job well.

I could go on for pages but as an overview I would HIGHLY recommend this film even if it does dabble in as much romance as horror.