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Mondo Cannibal

  • NR
  • 2004-03-16
  • 01:31:00
3/ 10
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Adventure, Horror



With ballsy Hong Kong-based sensationalist reporter Grace Forsythe going on the warpath when she discovers that her show "Face to Face" has been "suspended" due to low ratings. When she catches a TV report by war correspondent turned holier-than-thou ecological spokesman Bob Manson on native practices in the Amazon – including a reenactment of the abortion ritual from the Deodato film – Grace sells the idea of a filmed expedition into the jungle in search of cannibal tribes.

Grace heads down to the Amazon and tries to convince Bob to round up his old crew – camera persons Cindy Chandler, Rick Norton, and sound man Terry – but Bob is no longer interested in sensationalism and he does not believe that cannibals exist anymore. His interest, however, is peaked when Grace mentions the potential of a million dollar contract and the expedition of five is soon off into the jungle with their guide Garcia in search of "the invisible people." Bob at first thinks they can rely on the editors to punch up the trip to make it more exciting, but Grace tells him that today's audiences are more sophisticated. 

They cross paths with a platoon of Funai guards who have captured an Indio found eating flesh. Since his particular tribe is not known to be cannibalistic, Bob surmises that he was taking part in a ritual to cleanse the area of evil. Watching the reports via satellite, Grace's boss contacts her on the satellite phone and tells her that the ratings are rising and demands "stronger stuff", he even mentions the possibility of a Pulitzer. As they move closer to the village of the Yacumos, Bob and Grace feel increasing pressure to deliver once sensational scoop after another. They decide to orchestrate some native-on-native violence for the camera but they fatally underestimate those "whose social level has not gone past that of the stone age."