SassyFlix | Moonshine County Express

Moonshine County Express

  • PG
  • 1977-06-01
  • 01:36:00
5/ 10
298 votes

Action, Comedy, Crime

Dot refuses to sell out her inheritance--a stockpile of whiskey--when her moonshiner father is murdered by Sweetwater and his gang by order of Jack Starkey, the local kingpin. Dot and her sisters try to sell the whiskey themselves while avoiding Starkey's men, eventually she gives in to the attentions of J.B. (John Saxon), the local car racer and moonshine runner, so that he will help them sell their stash. 

A dog is killed, along with the local mechanic and moonshine salesman, so they decide to get out. While trying to get their stockpile out in a rental truck, they are stopped and shot at by Starkey and one of his men. Just when all hope is lost, the local sheriff shows up (Albert Salmi) and arrests Starkey for murdering their uncle Bill (Dub Taylor), who had sold them out by revealing the location of the stash, but then had the temerity to suggest to Starkey that they split the profits. Dot and J.B decide to leave for California, while Dot teases that she might be willing to lower her standards enough to marry J.B.