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Moonshine Mountain

  • NR
  • 1964-09-16
  • 01:30:00
4/ 10
254 votes


Grim and gory, this trashy drama chronicles the exploits of a sexually frustrated psycho killer who terrorizes a backwoods Carolina community and butchers the girl friend of a country western singer after she refuses to service.

Doug Martin, a successful country-western singer, returns to the Carolina hills with the hope of restoring a country twang to his "citified" voice. Accompanied by his socialite fiancée, Della Lawrence, Doug takes part in folk-singing parties and meets the Carpenters, the Bashams, and Sheriff Asa Potter, who together run a still which supplies the surrounding area with moonshine. 

Doug flirts with Laura Carpenter, a college student who is home on vacation, and Della, jealous of Doug's new interest, decides to leave, but on the way to the airport, Sheriff Potter stops her and forces her to follow him to a secluded pond. When she laughs at his clumsy advances, he kills her. Aided by the ape-like Luther Basham, Potter then murders several federal agents and throws their bodies into the bubbling still. 

Doug discovers the sheriff's evil deeds and asks the Carpenters and the Bashams to help capture him. When Potter convinces Luther to dynamite the entire community, Luther bungles the job, and Potter shoots him to save his own life. Meanwhile, Mary Lou, Laura's retarded sister whom Potter once raped, arrives and kills the sheriff with an ax as the still explodes. After marrying Laura, Doug returns to the city with his bride, while the two families begin to rebuild the still.