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Mortuary Academy

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  • 1988-05-08
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Sam (Christopher Atkins) and Max Grimm (Perry Lang) inherit the Grimm Mortuary and Academy from their uncle, but in order to obtain it, they must graduate from the mortician's course. The current owner is Dr. Paul Truscott (Paul Bartel), who tells the Grimm brothers that if they fail to graduate, the ownership of the business will stay with him.

Truscott and his assistant Mary (Mary Woronov), who is the only professor at the academy, conspire to make sure the brothers do not succeed. Both Paul and Mary have necrophilia, messing with dead bodies and doing poor mortuary jobs for customers. The other students try to graduate as well, including a student that impales dead bodies and another student that brings a puppy "back from the dead" with robotic engineering.