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My Blood Runs Cold


Wealthy, reckless Californian Julie Merriday, accompanied by her boyfriend Harry Lindsay, an attorney, narrowly avoids crashing into a motorcycle driven by young Ben Gunther. Ben temporarily abandons his damaged cycle and accepts a ride from Julie but insists upon calling her Barbara. Later, at the Merriday beach house, Julie's Aunt Sarah tells Julie that her great great grandmother was named Barbara, and furthermore, that ancestress had an illegitimate child fathered by one Benjamin Gunther.


One Superbly Unforgettable Performance

A spine tingling thriller with a strong cast of veterans, solid direction, and a good script. However, what really sets this film apart and makes it a classic movie is the incredibly powerful performance of a superb actress, Ms. Joey Heatherton. This is a woman who knows her craft and virtually sets the screen afire with one of the most powerful performances audiences have ever seen. The intensity, passion, and emotion she puts into every scene simply takes ones breath away. Ms. Heatherton proved in this film that she is a fine actress and she was worthy of far better projects. Still, she raises this film up from the commonplace and transforms it into a classic film noir of Warner Brothers' later period. Do not miss the unforgettably passionate and incredibly moving artistry of Ms. Joey Heatherton and the magic she works giving what is nothing less than the performance of a lifetime in William Conrad's My Blood Runs Cold.

It's a screamer alright just not the kind the film makers envisioned

jIf you go in with your expectations adjusted to the fact that the stars of this are Troy Donahue and Joey Heatherton, hardly renown for their thespic abilities, then you should enjoy this rather overwrought drama that wants to be a thriller but isn't very chilling at all.

Troy shows up out of the blue when heiress Joey almost runs him down and is transfixed from the beginning telling her she's the reincarnation of his long lost love, Joey's great, great grandmother. This gives her understandable pause until he shows her a locket of the woman that Joey is a dead ringer for, apparently they had bottle blonds in the 17th century! It doesn't get any more believable from that point on but if you like 60's potboilers this has its charms.

Jeanette Nolan as Joey's aunt who knows most if not all the secrets gives the best performance and her hairpieces have to be seen to be believed! One is so mountainous that it's bigger than her head!

A great deal of fun in an over the top ridiculous kind of way.

Worth viewing for all the wrong reasons.

This silly potboiler starts out promisingly enough to get you hooked, but sadly veers off track toward the end. However, the plot is not the reason to watch this film. It's the 1965 trappings - the cars, the clothes, the sharp-focus black & white photography - that keep you glued to this picture. It's an inadvertent but accurate time capsule. Viewers with a camp sensibility will have a field day with Jeanette Nolan's hairdos alone. Each scene she's in brings yet another mind- blowing creation which we're supposed to believe she whips up on her own. Joey Heatherton sports a few odd coifs herself. Joey was a fine 60's-style sex kitten and her look is immortalized here. Troy Donahue's acting skills, which were passable in previous films, here prove why his career didn't last much longer. Nice scenery along California's 17-mile Drive. Watch this film for a guilty wallow in 1965 mindset.

My Blood Runs Cold

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