SassyFlix | Next Stop, Greenwich Village

Next Stop, Greenwich Village

  • R
  • 1976-02-04
  • 01:51:00
7/ 10
22 votes

Comedy, Drama

The film takes place in 1953. Larry Lipinsky is a 22-year old Jewish boy from the Jewish enclave Brownsville in Brooklyn, New York, who has dreams of stardom. He moves to Greenwich Village, much to the chagrin of his extremely over-protective mother. Larry ends up hanging out with an eccentric bunch of characters while waiting for his big break.

He has a group of tight-knit friends, which includes a wacky girl named Connie; Anita, an emotionally distraught woman who constantly contemplates suicide; Robert, a young WASP who fancies himself a poet; and Bernstein, an African-American gay man. All the while, he tries to maintain a stormy relationship with Sarah, his girlfriend. This band of outsiders becomes Larry's new family as he struggles as an actor and works toward a break in Hollywood.