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Night of the Animals

  • R
  • 1971-01-01
  • 00:58:00
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Crime, Thriller

  Two prisoners, Lee and Harold, break out from the prison they were kept in. Joan joins them in their sadistic adventure that follows. They break in the house of Stanley and his family and after they are done abusing them verbally and physically, they force them into uncanny sexual acts..
  Interesting piece of exploitation straight from the depths of sleaziness and bad taste. Lee Taylor directs this one and it was probably all he ever did in the movie business. It would be a shame to let it pass, right? The film is the definition of exploitation with anti-hero characters, a doubtful existence of a story, lots of sex and even more violence. Recommended for the fans of the kind.
  The actors in this film really the performance of their lifetimes, that is because it was the only movie they played in. So, they had to make it count. Don't expect much from acting here, except from the usual semi-erotic faces and nudity.
Must watch this : grab a nice cold beer, gather your scumbag friends and watch this. Let the sleaziness flow through you.

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