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One Naked Night

  • NR
  • 1965-03-25
  • 01:12:00
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After the suicide of a prostitute, her daughter travels to New York where she boards with pin-up models.

Albert T. Viola, not only directed the movie, he was literally the cameraman too. There isn’t a load of recognizable names in this 1965 release, but if you’ve always been a fan of that bizarro trio of leather and whip naked delight, Olga, Olga’s House of Shame, & Olga’s Dance Hall Girls, you’ll immediately recognize the deliciously evil Audrey Campbell, who pines after sexy yet naive Babara Morris, who takes the lead as Candy in this early 60’s treat. Candy’s had a tough life ya see. Her mom was a whore, who says fuck it and commits suicide, and Candy is running away to another city to begin her life anew. I did mention that Candy was a bit naive didn’t I? Well… if I didn’t, you’ll figure that out on your own, when you see that that new life she was after, begins with moving in with big tittied friends that model naked for a living. Candy’s gonna need a job…… get the point. A bit late to the game, but my 1st entry into Asano’s infamous sexy summer competition….. 1965’s

Directed by:

Albert T. Viola

Writing Credits: