SassyFlix | Pig


  • NR
  • 2010-04-17
  • 01:30:00
3/ 10
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A deranged man finds one of his escaped victims, where he recaptures her and murders her. He brings the remains back to his junk-filled camp in the desert. Another woman is seen chained up and abused. Andrew Howard's character urinates, abuses, and brings this character to his self named Rape Pen. A mentally handicapped woman is referred to as "baby".

She is pregnant, with what is assumed as Andrew Howard's baby, and kept locked in a cage. His third victim, played by Guy Burnett, is also chained up, until he is released and used by Molly Black and Andrew Howard for target practice. The pair then perform abhorrent acts upon his dead body with Andrew saying, "I've never stuck a screwdriver up someone's ass before."

The dead woman from earlier is seen gutted and her liver is cooked over a fire to be eaten. The film ends with Andrew Howard putting on a suit and leaving on a plane to a supposed job in Hollywood.