SassyFlix | Prison Stories: Women on the Inside

Prison Stories: Women on the Inside

  • PG
  • 1991-01-26
  • 01:19:00
5/ 10
98 votes

Drama, TV Movie

A dramatization examining the effect of prison life on the family unit. 

"Parole Board" examines the story of a woman who is jailed for killing her husband. Coming up for parole she finds it difficult to face the prospect of renewing her relationship with the daughter she left behind. 

"Esperanza" focuses on the story of a Puerto Rican woman whose son is arrested for dealing in drugs while she is doing time for the same crime. 

"New Chicks" is about two young prison newcomers, one who arrives pregnant. Their friendship is put to the test when the pregnant inmate aligns herself with a powerful jail gang leader in hopes of gaining better treatment for her unborn child.