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Reform School Girl

  • NR
  • 1957-08-01
  • 01:11:00
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Crime, Drama

Donna Price (Gloria Castillo) is picked up on a double date by Vince (Edward Byrnes). During the course of the evening she discovers that the car they are riding in is stolen. As the night unfolds, an argument ensues in the car and Vince tells the others to get out, leaving Donna as his only passenger. When she asks him if he is worried about the other couple notifying the police, Vince tells her that he would murder anybody who ever turned on him. Subsequently, the police attempt to pull Vince over for speeding. During the high speed chase, Vince strikes a pedestrian and kills him. He flees the scene leaving Donna alone in the car. Fearing for her life, she refuses to identify Vince as the car's driver. Considered a juvenile delinquent, Donna is sent to a state school for girls.

At the school, Donna attends a history class that is taught by David Lindsay (Ross Ford) who is also the school's psychologist. Although Donna does not reveal her secret to David, he believes that she is a good person who may have been caught up in a series of bad events and that she can straighten out her life with his help.

While Donna is in the school, the police continue the accident investigation. Vince is troubled by the event and is worried that Donna will eventually tell authorities what happened. He develops a ruse where his girlfriend places a phone call to the police and identifies herself as Donna. She tells the police that one of the girls in the reform school is a thief. Eventually the other girls come to believe that Donna is a police informer. She is attacked by Roxy (Yvette Vickers) and while defending herself, Donna cuts Roxy with a pair of scissors. Despite David's plea to conduct an investigation, the school superintendent determines that Donna is a high risk student and that she should be transferred to the state prison. School authorities also question David's judgment, his relationship with Donna, and his ability to help students. Vince, who is still convinced that Donna will turn him into the police, attempts to break into the school and kill her. He fails and is apprehended. The police and school authorities investigate the incident and as a result of the investigation David is vindicated, and Donna is exonerated and released.