SassyFlix | Reformatório das Depravadas

Reformatório das Depravadas

  • NR
  • 1978-01-01
  • 01:20:00
6/ 10
28 votes

Drama, Sexploitation

German Frau Gelli runs an educational center for girls from wealthy families who have social behavior problems and challenge established principles. To educate the young, Frau Gelli imposes an iron discipline, in which she is assisted by two beadles, Kranz and Hanz, individuals with brutish ways who dedicate themselves to punishing the girls. 

The principal cares little for the cultural education provided by teachers Renina and Raul, who are morally weak to challenge the brutality to which the girls are subjected. These use the servant Girico to obtain men in the street for them. The punishments against the girls reach unbearable levels and many try to escape, without success, until Solange, the most angry of the students, after being punished a lot, plans and kills Frau Gelli and the two beadles. The police are called and she is arrested. Her colleagues are finally released and the school is closed.