SassyFlix | Return to Macon County

Return to Macon County

  • PG
  • 1975-07-23
  • 01:30:00
6/ 10
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Bo is the driver and Harley is the mechanic. They stop at a roadside diner to eat and meet Junell (Robin Mattson). Junell, while attractive, is in a world of her own. After having an altercation with a customer, she is rescued by Bo and Harley.

The hot-rodding friends find that Junell (with suitcase in hand) wants to travel with them. Their adventure on the road with Junell turns dangerous after a misunderstanding at a grocery store, where Junell is trying to raise funds for Bo and Harley's entrance fee to the drag race. Sgt. Wittaker (Robert Viharo) becomes obsessed with catching them, which leads to tragic results.