SassyFlix | Scarecrows


  • R
  • 1988-09-28
  • 01:23:00
5/ 10
82 votes

Action, Crime, Horror

Five paramilitary mercenaries and war criminals—Corbin, Curry, Jack, Roxanne, and Bert—steal three million dollars from Camp Pendleton and take two hostages: Al, a pilot, and his teenaged daughter, Kellie. As they fly toward Mexico, Bert steals the loot and parachutes into a dark field. Corbin and Jack parachute after him, followed by Al. Upon landing, Bert's parachute gets caught in a tree, and, after untangling himself, he finds a scarecrow alongside several graves. In the distance he notices an abandoned farmhouse. Bert flees in a truck parked at the house, driving down a desolate road and retrieving the loot. As the others attempt to track him from the plane, the truck breaks down. Bert finds the truck mysteriously does not have an engine. He attempts to flee on foot with the trunk of loot. He finds himself in a grove of scarecrows, and is stabbed to death by one that supernaturally animates.

After landing the plane, Curry, Roxanne, and Kellie arrive at the house, and find Corbin and Jack inside. From the roof of the house, Curry spots the loot near three crosses in the distance; the scarecrows that were there have disappeared. Roxanne stays behind at the house with Kellie while Jack, Curry, and Corbin venture into the field to find the loot. They locate the truck Bert escaped in, and find a scarecrow in the driver's seat. Nearby, they locate Bert's parachute bag hanging from the tree, and upon attempting to open it, find it filled with blood.

Back at the house, the men are confronted by Bert, and Curry begins punching him. In the midst of the fight, they discover Bert's abdomen has been eviscarated, his body stuffed with dollar bills, though he is still seemingly alive. Curry and Roxanne shoot Bert numerous times, but the bullets prove ineffective. Corbin finally decapitates him, apparently killing him. Kellie flees into the field in the melee, and finds her father's eviscerated body hung from a scarecrow post with barbwire. Corbin retrieves her, bringing her back to the house, where Jack and Roxanne are extracting the wadded cash stuffed in Bert's hollowed-out corpse. Corbin tells them Al is dead, and Kellie slaps Roxanne in the face, chastising all of them for her father's death.

Jack notices that more dollar bills have blown into the field near the house, and the group rush outside to retrieve what money they can. While in a remote part of the field, Jack is killed by one of the scarecrows, which dismembers him with a handsaw before stabbing him in the face. While searching for Jack, Curry finds three scarecrows in the field, but they disappear. Curry becomes convinced that the scarecrows are possessed by the spirits of three deceased Satanist farmers—Jakob, Benjamin, and Norman Fowler—whose photograph hangs inside the farmhouse.

Roxanne, Corbin, and Kellie decide to leave, but Curry stays behind, refusing to depart without Jack. The three become separated in the field, and, while attempting to recoup loose dollar bills on the ground, Roxanne is viciously killed by one of the scarecrows. Corbin shoots a scarecrow that nearly attacks Kellie, and the two flee to the plane. Corbin is stabbed in the leg while attempting to crawl beneath a fence, but Kellie shoots two of the scarecrows before they can kill him. Back at the house, Curry finds Bert's severed head and limbs have reanimated, and is subsequently confronted by a grossly disfigured Jack, who stabs him to death.

Kellie flies the plane out of the field with Corbin. Once in the air, Corbin is stabbed by a repossessed Al, who covertly boarded the plane. The repossessed Al goes after Kellie and stabs her through the wrist. Corbin has managed to get back, and the two begin to fight, and Corbin explodes a grenade, killing them both. Voice-over narration from a morning news broadcast imparts that the plane was found landed near San Diego, with the charred remains of two individuals, and Kellie, in a shocked state.