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Sex with a Smile

  • R
  • 1976-01-09
  • 01:40:00
5/ 10
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An Italian anthology film sex comedy that features a series of five short comedic sketches that parody Italian sexual mores.

One for the Money ("I soldi in bocca")

In Switzerland, an affluent Italian wife (Barbara Bouchet) of a traveling executive is visited by an eccentric stranger (Enrico Montesano), also Italian, who offers her 20 million lira to have sex with him. Initially put off by the idea, she ultimately agrees to his offer, unaware of the stranger's actual business.

The Bodyguard ("La guardia del corpo")

A pampered and bored socialite (Dayle Haddon) grows weary of the extreme measures her bodyguard (Marty Feldman) employs to keep tabs on her. However, when she steals away for an impulsive encounter with a visiting artist, she realizes his level of devotion may have been justified.

Catch It While It's Hot ("L'attimo fuggente")

What initially appears to be a tryst between a countess (Giovanna Ralli) and her put-upon chauffeur (Alberto Lionello) reveals surprising secrets about the woman, man, and circumstances of their rendezvous.

Dream Girl ("La cavallona")

An extremely attractive lawyer's wife (Edwige Fenech) is ogled by almost all the men in her neighborhood, but one particularly nebbishly man (Tomas Milian) regularly phones her, complaining of the many erotic dreams she has inspired in him. Over time, she finds her own dreams impacted by their conversations, and she asks to meet him so that they can both get back to normal.

A Dog's Day ("Un posto tranquillo")

A vertigo sufferer (Aldo Maccione) considering renting an apartment discovers a woman (Sydne Rome) from the apartment next to his space, out on her ledge, appearing to contemplate suicide. He coaxes her into his room for safety, and they are quickly attracted to each other. She insists on entertaining him in her own apartment, but when he joins her, he runs afoul of Othello, her extremely jealous dog.