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Shanty Tramp

  • R
  • 1967-01-01
  • 01:12:00
5/ 10
327 votes

Crime, Drama, Thriller

A sharecropper's daughter who makes herself available to the male citizens of a southern town tries to add a revival preacher to her conquests. She subsequently becomes attracted to the leader of a motorcycle gang, but he threatens to disfigure her when she rejects him for refusing to pay for her favors.

A black youth saves her from the motorcyclist, and her father accuses the youth of raping his daughter. The sheriff's posse sets out to find him; he steals a car from a moonshiner in an attempt to escape and dies in a crash. The father and daughter argue, and the daughter stabs her father to death. Afterwards, she goes to the preacher and asks him to take her with him to the next town.