SassyFlix | Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland

  • R
  • 1989-02-05
  • 01:19:00
5/ 10
1282 votes

Comedy, Horror

One year after the events of the second film, Maria is heading to camp. Suddenly, she is chased into an alleyway and run over by a garbage truck, driven by Angela, who throws Maria's body into the back and compacts it. Angela poses as Maria in order to board the bus to Camp New Horizons.

After arriving, news reporter Tawny Richards asks Angela to get her some cocaine. Angela gives her Ajax cleaner instead, which kills Tawny when she snorts it. After the campers have settled in, camp counselors Herman and Lily Miranda and Officer Barney Whitmore split the campers into three groups. Angela is placed in a group with Herman, Snowboy, Peter and Jan.

While camping, Angela, leaving Snowboy and Peter to fish, finds Herman and Jan having sex and kills them both with a stick. That night, Angela sets off a firecracker in Peter's nose and burns Snowboy alive, along with the other bodies.

The next morning, Angela travels to Lily's campsite, where Bobby, Cindy, Riff and Arab are camping. Angela switches places with Arab and decapitates her with an axe. Lily sets the campers out on a trust building exercise where Angela attaches Cindy to a flag pole and drops her from a high height, killing her. Later, Angela buries Lily in a trash hole and runs over her head with a lawnmower. Angela then rips Bobby's arms off before stabbing Riff with tent spikes.

The following morning, Angela travels to the remaining camp, where Barney, Tony, Marcia, Anita and Greg are camping. Angela tells Barney she is supposed to switch with Marcia. Barney accompanies them and Angela fakes a leg injury. As Barney tends to Angela, Marcia discovers Lily's body, after Angela tells her that Lily is just doing nothing outside and for Marcia to see. Barney yells for Marcia to run. After a tense stand-off Angela shoots Barney dead. Angela catches up with Marcia and captures her.

That night, Angela ties the remaining campers together. She shows them the body of Barney and forces them to find Marcia in one of the cabins. Upon finding Marcia, Greg and Anita are killed by booby traps. Angela decides to let Marcia and Tony live but as she tries to leave Angela is stabbed numerous times by Marcia.

Marcia and Tony summon the police to the camp. Angela is taken to the hospital in an ambulance and she stabs a paramedic and a policeman with a syringe. When the ambulance driver asks what is going on, Angela replies "Just taking care of business" and the film ends.