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Sorority Sadists

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  • 2018-01-01
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Bad Girls

Co-ed KATIE JORDON is having serious problems with her new roommate VANESSA. The girl borrows her clothes without asking, doesn’t clean up after herself, and even went so far as to steal her hair brush. When KATIE goes to A.J. KHAN, the President of her sorority for help, the two girls plot the appropriate disciplinary action against the unrepentant vixen. VANESSA , a girl from the “hood” with an attitude is dragged in against her will to be confronted with her misdeeds, and is taught the meaning of the words “respect” and “submission”. When she is forced to bend over for a much needed spanking, and then has her pantyhose violently torn from her body and used to gag her, VANESSA knows she is in for a night filled with pain and humiliation.

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