SassyFlix | Storm Warning

Storm Warning

  • R
  • 2007-10-19
  • 01:26:00
5/ 10
6696 votes

Horror, Thriller

Australian lawyer Rob and his beautiful French artist wife Pia spend the day sailing along coastal marshland. While sailing around a headland, they become lost. At nightfall, they dock their boat and plan to relocate their car on foot. In the marsh, they come across a man being beaten by an unseen assailant next to a parked truck on a desolate road. They flee, and stumble upon a decrepit farmhouse just as a torrential rainstorm begins. In a shed on the property, Rob uncovers a large amount of marijuana growing.

Rob and Pia are interrupted when the deranged, redneck owners of the home—Brett, his brother Jimmy, and their father Poppy—return. The brothers, who perceive Rob and Pia as upper-class yuppies, offer them a shower during which they steal their wetsuits. When Rob asks for them back, they begin to insult them. At the dinner table, they taunt Rob for driving a Volvo, and sexually harass Pia. Their intimidation tactics quickly escalate, as Brett threatens to castrate Rob unless Pia kills a joey, which she reluctantly does. Rob and Pia attempt to flee from the house, and stumble upon the corpse of the man they saw being beaten earlier. Rob breaks his leg in the melee, and he and Pia are captured and locked in a barn.

They manage to fashion a booby trap with hooks and other sharp objects found inside the barn, which they dispatch on Brett when he re-enters; the hooks lodge in his face and lift him into the air, after which Pia kills him by beating his head in. Jimmy enters the barn looking for Brett before forcing Pia outside at gunpoint. He brings her into the house and sends her upstairs to Poppy to let him rape her. When Poppy attempts to penetrate her, Pia drives a broken liquor bottle into his groin. She flees into a crawlspace, where she falls through the floor, landing a downstairs room. Jimmy pursues her with a rifle to the barn, where she and Rob hide. When Jimmy enters the barn, he finds Brett's body, during which Rob and Pia manage to steal his rifle before locking him inside.

Rob and Pia enter the house, where Poppy is still upstairs tending to his wound in the bathroom. Pia locates the keys to the brothers' truck, and she and Rob attempt to drive away. While trying to start the truck, Poppy pursues them with a knife, but the blood from his wound attracts his Rottweiler, who eviscerates him. Jimmy attempts to chase the truck with an airboat stored inside the barn, but Pia crashes into him, throwing him into the propeller which shreds his body to pieces. The couple then drive away to safety.