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Terror at Tenkiller

  • R
  • 1986-08-03
  • 01:27:00
3/ 10
11 votes

Horror, Thriller

Leslie and Janna are a couple of attractive young ladies who decide to go on vacation at a remote cabin in the woods. However, things go nightmarishly awry after a dangerous maniac shows up in the area and starts bumping folks off. Will anyone survive the terror at Tenkiller?


80's American trash at its finest

I love good BAD movies and it don't get much better than this 80's gem. Shot in Oklahoma in the mid 1980's everything about this flick is a clusterF...and I love it. The overacting and super dumb characters is something I could watch and be entertained with for about 3 more hours than this just over an hour film. From the cover you'd think this baby was filled with action and suspense, wrong, its light on kill scenes and filled with either boring or brilliant scenes depending on how yer looking at this picture. Bottom line here is, this is a funny riot. Its a nice escape back to the 80's when straight to video horror films were all the rage... and even though its on DVD the transfer looks like it was taken directly from a VHS master, so stick some black tape over the DVD player display and its like you just popped this baby out of the big box into the VCR.


First off i love this film and i don't know why so many negative reviews. I grew up with this film being a huge part of my child hood. The story is simple but does have character development and back ground. The lead actors are good actors and over all the setting is very atmospheric. the film revolves around two friends Jana and Leslie, Leslie being the one with boyfriend problems. Jana talks Leslie to going to her family's cabin for the summer and getting a break from Josh, her boyfriend who seems to be controlling and cheating.While at the Lake Jana takes Leslie to a local diner and gets her a summer job. Once there someone takes an interest in Leslie and starts to kill to get to her. over all the kill scenes are really good and the special FX are very realistic (especially the throat slicing scene and the arm cutting. But over all its a very calm setting and when you watch it has 80s synth music throughout the whole film which worked really well for this film. I use to rent this film every weekend with The Last Slumber Party it was two of my favorite films as a kid and then once it came to DVD the funny thing is that they both were released on a double feature. so please give it a chance and check the film out its an 80s gem.

Objectively terrible, but it just has a good nostalgic feel to it.

Warning: Spoilers

I saw this movie a very long time ago, maybe 1988-1990 when I was pretty young and didn't think it was terrible since at that point I also thought that NES had great realistic graphics and comic book characters stay dead.

Recently though I tumbled on the Rifftrax version of the film and I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment they gave the movie. I also got a wave of nostalgia and loss as I viewed the film since it now seems otherworldly. It brought me back to the time when the majority of families had the time and money to travel during the summer or have a lake cabin or family retreat or spend time at a lodge to escape the hustle and bustle. Granted I didn't have the same hangups as people in the film had to deal with being unceremoniously murdered but hey, most people who didn't live near Tenkiller or Crytal Lake didn't really have to worry too much about that.

Sure the movie was boring, and was badly made even for straight to video standards but despite all that I still enjoy watching it from time to time. I also find myself perusing websites dealing with cabin rentals. Terror at Tenkiller really did make me want to head out to a nice cabin in the woods near a lake. No other slasher has made me dwell on that.


Still good fun...

....only cuz I once lived around where it was filmed. I went to the university you see in the beginning. After watching it one friends and I sat out on a day of finding where it was filmed. It was not filmed at Lake Tenkiller. Anyway...on to the film..

It was bad....but not *that* bad. Like someone said before, I have seen worse. I consider myself a horror movie nut, and this is as cheesy as most of the other films to come out of the 80s.

I don't know if I'd recommend this movie to anyone outside of Oklahoma...but I do recommend it to my friends who have lived or live in the Tahlequah area... 5/10

First-Ever Wellness Slasher

Warning: Spoilers

Student Leslie escapes from her abusive boyfriend to spent her summer vacation in a cabin at Lake Tenkiller with her best friend Janna. Upon arrival Leslie is immediately drawn into the relaxing environment with a little help from Janna, who constantly reminds Leslie to take it easy. In between napping, resting and sleeping in late both girls find the time to flirt with mystery hunk Tor who appears to show interest in Leslie. When threatening phone calls interrupt the girls dreamy vacation things turn from sweet to sour: a killer is on the loose and soon enough the two Students are in mortal danger. Cheesy but charming mid-80s direct-to-video Z-grade slow burning slasher that is impossible to hate. Dumb but sympathetic characters, soothing Casio soundtrack, brief nudity and gore, one nightmare and one hell of an ending. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride, because Terror at Tenkiller will be the highlight of your bad movie night. I'll promise.


This movie was not my favorite, but I did enjoy watching it. The plot in the movie was like any normal situation when there is a girl (I forgot the names) that is having difficulty with her boyfriend and her best friend asks her to spend some time with her camping. This reminds me of "Friday the 13th" when all the sudden there is a killer at large and things start to happen to people. I felt sorry for what happened to the girls friend because her friend was the strong hold in the movie that brought it up and kept it interesting. Her friend the girl that had the problems just seemed like this weak airhead that couldn't make up her mind what she wanted to do, should she follow her best friends advice and get away from the creep or should she just kiss and forgive each time her boyfriend acted like a jerk. I wanted to see her be stronger in this movie. The jerk for a boyfriend suddenly finds the girl and later on during the movie he deserves what he gets. he should have just left her alone for awhile. The killings were fake and senseless but what do you expect with a low-budget movie like this one. It wasn't the greatest, but I at least give it a 5.