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The Beast with a Million Eyes

  • NR
  • 1955-06-15
  • 01:18:00
3/ 10
1422 votes

Horror, Science Fiction



Allan Kelley and his family struggle to survive on their small date ranch, located in the bleak California desert landscape well away from civilization. His wife Carol hates living so far from civilization, often taking her frustration out on their daughter Sandra. The only bright spot in Sandra's life is her boyfriend Larry Brewster.

After a mysterious object, initially thought to be a plane crashes nearby, both wild and domesticated animals begin attacking the family. Soon, the farm's handyman (Leonard Tarver) turns on the family, attacking them.

It is finally revealed that a space alien (the "beast" of the title) has taken total control of the area's lesser animals and is working its way up to humans, all part of its master plan to conquer the Earth.

In the end the family bond together, fighting against the alien menace. They must unite their minds in a show of love to have a chance of finally thwarting its plan of conquest.

Unable to counter this attack, the alien flees into the mind of a snake, where it is promptly killed and carried off by a hawk.