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The Evil of Frankenstein

  • NR
  • 1964-05-08
  • 01:26:00
6/ 10
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Horror, Science Fiction

A child witnesses an intruder steal the corpse of one of her recently deceased relatives. Terrified, the child flees from the cabin where she is hiding, and encounters Baron Victor Frankenstein. As the body snatcher takes the corpse to Frankenstein's secret laboratory, a local priest discovers the theft. The child witness identifies both the body snatcher and his employer. Forced to leave town, Frankenstein and his assistant, Hans, return to the Baron's hometown of Karlstaad, where they plan to sell valuables from the abandoned Frankenstein chateau to fund new work. Arriving in the village, they rescue a deaf-mute young woman from being harassed by a gang of thugs. Arriving at the chateau, they find all the valuables stolen.

The following day, Frankenstein and Hans go out for a meal, and Frankenstein notices the local burgomaster is wearing one of his valuables; a ring. Frankenstein and Hans are recognised by the authorities and flee, eventually hiding at the exhibit of a hypnotist named Zoltan. Zoltan clashes with the police and is arrested, covering the escape of Frankenstein and Hans. Later that evening, Frankenstein and Han breaks into the burgomaster's apartments to retrieve the valuables, but the police arrive. Frankenstein and Hans flee and encounter the deaf-mute girl. She leads them to her shelter in a cave.

Frankenstein finds his original creation frozen in ice in the cave. He and Hans build a fire to melt the ice and free the creature. They take it to the chateau and restore it to life. However, the creature's brain is unresponsive. Frankenstein, desperate to restore active consciousness to his creation, comes up with the idea of obtaining the services of Zoltan to reanimate the creature's mind. Zoltan has been banished from Karlstaad for not having a license to perform. After clever psychological manipulation by Frankenstein, he agrees to the task.

Zoltan is successful, but has less than scientific interests at heart. With the creature responding only to his commands, Zoltan uses it to rob and take revenge upon the town's authorities. Frankenstein evicts Zoltan, who then instructs the creature to kill Frankenstein, but the creatures kills Zoltan instead. The creature goes into a fit of rage and accidentally sets the lab on fire. Hans escapes with the girl, and the couple watch as smoke pours from the chateau. A massive explosion ensues, causing the section where the lab was to topple over the cliff, killing Frankenstein and the creature.