SassyFlix | The Last House on the Beach

The Last House on the Beach

  • NR
  • 1978-04-20
  • 01:26:00
6/ 10
5 votes

Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller

Aldo (Ray Lovelock) was the leader of a band of criminals who just pulled off a daring bank robbery, escaping with the cash after unleashing some violence during the heist. On the run and in need of a place to hide out, the crooks head to a remote seaside villa to let things cool down. But this villa isn’t empty and instead, the criminals discover some schoolgirls and their teacher, Sister Cristina (Florinda Bolkan). The crooks see no reason to let these women leave either, as they see the potential for kidnapping ransoms and of course, darker intentions. After he tries to rape one of the young women, one of the criminals is stabbed in the leg, which sparks even more animosity toward the captive females. A bus is scheduled to pick up the girls, but until then, they are subjected to a host of depraved, humiliating torments from the invaders, including Sister Cristina who is stripped and forced to watch her students be abused by these men. As time passes and the bus is delayed, can these women survive and perhaps even get a measure of vengeance?